Tuesday, 18 August 2015

                     Ways To A Happy Marriage Life

There Can Be No Love without Forgiveness
One basic truth of life is that there can never be love without forgiveness. Forgiveness is the fertilizer that nourishes love; it’s the lubricant that services love and give it smooth function. And where love is absent, then what will be present is hatred. Hatred leads to jealousy, envy, slander and even murder.

You can never have a happy marriage when you lack the spirit of forgiveness in you, you can never love your spouse if you fail to forgive and forget his or her wrongs, and when love is absent in your marriage, then your marriage is at the verge of collapsing.

Love is not only a necessity in any marriage; it is the foundation of any happy, blissful and successful marriage. A lot of couples see the concept of a happy marriage as a mirage, an utopic concept and unrealizable term. That is, for them a happy marriage is impossible.
For them a happy marriage is impossible to achieve. But a happy marriage can be achieved if the couple can set their mind on forgiveness. Therefore with forgiveness, there will be love, peace and unity, and happiness in your marriage. Hence we can say, love and happiness goes together. The absence of one also lead to absence of the other.

The love that exists in marriage and makes it strong is the conjugal love, which should be the center stage of any marriage in order for couple to be happy and fulfilled in their marital journey and also their journey through life.

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