Friday, 14 August 2015

1 A nursery two girl asked her
teacher,"Ma,can my Mum get pregnant?" The
teacher asked,"how old is your mum?" The
girl said,"she is forty yrs old." The teacher
replied,"yes,sh e can." The girl asked
again,"can my sister get pregnant?" The
teacher asked,"how old is your sister?" She
replied,"she is nineteen years old." The
teacher replied,"yes,sh e can." She then finally
asked,"can I get pregnant?" The teacher
replied,"u are just five yrs old,so,u can't get
pregnant." The boy behind him,her
classmate,poked her and said,"I told u,we
have nothing to worry about."

2 A plane carrying politicians crashed into a
When the police arrived, they found out that
the farmerhad
already buried them.
The following conversation ensued :
POLICE : Are you sure they were dead ?.
FARMER : Yes, I'm very sure, though I heard
some screaming
"Help me! I'm still alive o!", but you know
these politicians,
they lie a lot!

1. You wake up in the morning, look into the
mirror and you cant see your face?
2. You take LUX bath in it doesnt lather on
your body. . .
3. You shittz well well into a chamber pot
after taking purgative and after, you see crabs
in the chamber pot
4.You take picture with your webcam and you
see Mugabe 5.You call people with your
phone for 2 days and none of them answer
6.You go to the market to buy meat, and
butcher says he wont sell it to you! 7.You post
a joke and after 7 days still 1 Like and 0
8.Guy, you go for check up and doctor tell you
say you get belle!
9.You mess well alone in your room and mess
nor dey smell. . . 10.You dey shittz for bush
and your own shittz come dey tell you say" do
quick!, do quick!!"

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