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Even mutant deserve to fall in love
Have you fall in love before? YES OR NO
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Sophia Steve : Five star records star artiste KCEE was pictured t...

Sophia Steve : Five star records star artiste KCEE was pictured t...: Five star records star artiste KCEE was pictured today selling recharge cards in Lagos traffic. Read full gist here: http://www.radar.n...

Five star records star artiste KCEE was pictured today selling recharge cards in Lagos traffic.

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 KCEE pictured selling recharge card in Lagos traffic
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Five star records star artiste KCEE was pictured today selling recharge cards in Lagos traffic.

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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Yul Edochie  Says His Gay Stalker Wants His Manhood Photo & Won’t Leave Him Alone

 Pete Edochie’s son, Yul, is one actor who had managed to remain scandal-free until recently. Sometime back, Yul posted the photo of a certain gay guy, Steven Ugochukwu whom he claimed had been stalking him. Steven replied back by posting conversations he had with Yul and alleging Yul was in a relationship with him. In an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Yul narrated how the ordeal started.

 Read below:

“This guy contacted me through Facebook and told me he was a homosexual. I told him that I was not gay and a few weeks later, I started getting calls from a Canadian number. When I first picked his call, he told me that his name is Stephen Ugochukwu and he was the one that reached me via Facebook. He told me that he had some friends in Nollywood that could get him any number he wanted.
“Shortly after, he started calling me very often to the extent that I started blocking all his lines but it only worked for a short while. He called with a strange number again and told me that he went on the internet to learn how to call somebody with any number he liked. I blocked about 20 of his numbers but he kept calling. He said that he just loved me and that he was a big fan. He said that he just wanted to be my friend and I said okay. I told him that I am not God and I don’t discriminate against people. I told him that it was his business if he was gay.”
Edochie said that shortly after, the young man said he would love to do something for the actor’s family, promising to get Canadian visas for him and his family…..
“He said that he knows that I am not gay, promising not to tell me anything about it again and to show that he meant it, he swore with God’s name and even his parents’ name. He said that he resides in Canada and does travel documents for people who want to come over. I have phobia for flights so I don’t travel by air quite much. I told my wife about his offer of Canadian visas and she consented to it. She said that she had always wanted to do Canadian visa for our children, so she said I should give it a trial. As usual, when the guy called me, I told him I was not interested but that I would link him up with my wife. He once again swore with his life that he would not disturb me about being gay. I gave him my wife’s number and my PA’s number so they could keep in touch all through the visa acquisition period,” he said.
However, trouble started when the young man asked the actor to send him a picture of his manhood. The actor refused and his stalker did not take it lightly……
“After everything, he called me and said I should send him a picture of my manhood, saying that’s all he wanted. That was where all the trouble started. I told him that I could not do such and his calls tripled. I told him to leave me alone because God has blessed me to an extent where I can take my family anywhere they want to go. He started telling my wife that he was in love with me. At a point, he started calling my wife because he noticed that I was not picking his call and at that point, I had changed my phone number. When he noticed that I was not moved, he started disturbing my wife to persuade me to talk to him and stop snubbing him. He said that he did not create himself and it was God that created him that way. I noticed that whenever I talked to him, he would be calm but when I didn’t, he went mad.”
To avoid trouble, Edochie said that his wife advised him to pick Ugochukwu’s calls sometimes…..
“That was how I was tolerating him for a while. He would call me, he would tell me that he knows I am not gay but he would want to see my ‘beef’. In order to make him stop disturbing my wife, I would tell him that he should not worry, I would send the picture to him the following week. He would thank me and would not disturb me and my family till the following week. Exactly a week after, once he calls and I don’t answer him, he would start disturbing my wife again. It is very crazy.
“When he found out that I was no more bothered about his calls, he went to attack me online. Whenever a fan tweets at me, he would get the person’s picture, photoshop it with some other nude people’s pictures and post it on the internet. After sometime, he did the same thing with my wife. He took her picture, photoshopped it with that of some naked men and women and posted it on the internet. When I picked his call and challenged him, he said that it was not his fault because I promised him I was going to show him my manhood but I did not show him again.
I told him to leave me alone and find someone in Canada because the country he is in supports such but he refused. He said that it must be me because he is in love with me. He would take my pictureand write, “Yul please love me back, Stephen.” He sent me all sorts of rubbish. He started threatening me that he would dent my image. He took our documents that we sent to him and started posting some of my personal information online. I never believed that a human being could act in such a manner. He said that since I was proving stubborn, he would make sure he destroyed my name and ruin my popularity,” he said.
Edochie said that when he got fed up, he had to do something and that was why he began posting the young man’s picture online about three weeks ago to make sure people knew the face of the ‘trouble maker.’ He said shortly after he posted the man’s picture, his parents contacted him, begging him to please delete the pictures online…..
“It was exactly the same thing he said he had done to some actors I cannot mention their names. Somebody he has done it to had to open a social media account, “steveugoisafakegayboy”, in order to fight him back. This thing he is doing to me, he has done it to several people. This same thing he said to me, he has said it to the others, so they posted the conversation on the page. I did not know that he had done it to other people till my case was getting out of hand and I began talking to people. It was then that I learnt that they know him very well. If it were just me, I would have left him. But because he got my family and fans involved, I had to do something.

Till now, he still disturbs me. I told his mother to warn him. Maybe his family knows about it because I thought all this would stop after talking to his mother. If I decide to go after the young man, he would go to jail because I have proof. At this stage in my life, why would I start looking for a man to sleep with, is that not madness?” Edochie queried.


Monday, 4 May 2015

  • Tsarnaev's lawyers argue that his older brother Tamerlan was the mastermind of the attack. (Federal Public Defender Office/AP)Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton and political titles

    BOSTON (AP) — For the first time in court, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dropped his blank, impassive demeanor and cried as his sobbing aunt briefly took the stand Monday in his federal death penalty trial.

    Tsarnaev, 21, wiped tears from his eyes quickly and fidgeted in his chair as his mother's sister sobbed uncontrollably. He had maintained an uninterested expression since his trial began in January.
    The aunt, Patimat Suleimanova, cried as she sat down about 10 feet from Tsarnaev. The tears began falling before she began to testify, and she was only able to answer questions about her name, her year of birth and where she was born.
    After a few minutes, Judge George O'Toole Jr. suggested that the defense call a different witness so she could compose herself. As she left the witness stand, Tsarnaev used a tissue to wipe his eyes and nose.
    Five relatives — three cousins and two aunts — took the witness stand, though the aunt who broke down did not complete her testimony. As Tsarnaev was led out of the courtroom before the lunch recess, he blew a kiss at the other aunt, who also cried during her testimony. The relatives acknowledged they had not seen Tsarnaev since he was 8, when he moved to the U.S. with his family.
    Tsarnaev, who had lived in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Dagestan region of Russia, was convicted last month of 30 federal charges in the bombings, including 17 that carry the possibility of the death penalty. He moved to the U.S. in 2002 and committed the bombings, which killed three people and wounded 260 others, when he was 19.
    Prosecutors say Tsarnaev and his radicalized older brother, Tamerlan, were equal partners in the bombing, and they have urged a jury to sentence Tsarnaev to death.
    Tsarnaev's lawyers say Tamerlan, 26, was the mastermind of the attack and lured his brother into his plan. Tamerlan died days after the bombings following a shootout with police.
    A cousin testified Monday that Dzhokhar was a kind and warm child, so gentle that he once cried while watching "The Lion King."
    "I think that his kindness made everybody around him kind," Raisat Suleimanova said through a Russian interpreter.
    Assistant U.S. Attorney William Weinreb pounced, asking her if she believes a deadly attack on innocent civilians can be considered kind. Tsarnaev's lawyer objected, and Suleimanova was not allowed to answer the question.
    Shakhruzat Suleimanova, a sister of Dzhokhar's mother, Zubeidat, testified that Dzhokhar, Tamerlan and their two sisters were well-behaved as children.
    "They were so good. They wouldn't hurt a fly," she said.
    Suleimanova said the family was crushed when Zubeidat moved to the U.S. with her husband and children. Five or six years later, when Zubeidat returned to Russia for a visit, the family was shocked to see her sister, always a fashionable dresser, cloaked in black and wearing a Muslim headscarf. Tsarnaev's lawyers have argued that he was influenced by his brother and his mother, who had become radicalized in the years before the bombings.
    "We were all shocked. We were all in pain. We were very scared," she said. "We had never had people like that in our family. We prayed, we fasted, but no people like that."
    Another cousin, Nabisat Suleimanova, said Tsarnaev was loved by the entire family.
    "He was an unusual child. He was wunderkind," she said.
    She said he had a softening effect on an aunt who was very stern and strict with her own children but not with him.
    Rosa Booth, a high school friend of Tsarnaev's, said she met him in a math class at Cambridge Rindge and Latin in 2011 and spent time with him and other friends.
    "He had a sweetness about him, maybe a little shy," she said.
    She said Tsarnaev, whom she described as "goofy," did not talk about politics or religion.
    Prosecutors urged the judge last week to press Tsarnaev's lawyers to make sure his relatives testify soon because 16 FBI agents have been assigned, at great expense, to guard and protect them while they are in the U.S. The family members arrived in Boston on April 23.

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  • Woman seeking man she kissed at marathon hears from his wife

    BOSTON (AP) — A Tennessee woman searching for the stranger she kissed while running the Boston Marathon this year says she finally heard back — from the mystery man's wife.
    Associated Press
President-elect Gen Buhari  met with Niger republic Ambassador to Nigeria, Mansour Maman Hadj Daddo in Abuja yesterday May 3rd.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

The  Truth About Mother Of The Bride Speech Samples

Mother of the bride speechA mother’s love lasts forever says a renowned philosopher. The words of this wise man becomes crystal clear when mum’s precious daughter is about to marry.
Despite all the efforts mother's expend to ensure that their daughter’s big day becomes a blast, they fail woefully to give their mother of the bride speech in a grand style.

Mother of the bride speech samples have proven over and over again to help mothers say what they want to say trying so hard. This is because they contain professionally and entertaining speech examples, ideas, wedding jokes and toasts to help you say something memorable.
Grabbing such examples  however doesn’t mean your speech will be automatically written. You should also invest time and effort to make it happen too.  And here are ways to do just that.
First, it pays to make time to study how the example you have got was written without copying word for word  what you've got. Give it a quick read and slowly scan through a second and a third time.
Doing that drills into your sub-conscious mind, the style and structure of the mother of the bride speech. As you study it, make notes because you will need these points when you are writing your message.
Next, you have to identify the theme of the mother speech samples you've got so you can write yours. To identify your theme, you should recollect memories of you and your daughter and put down as many ideas you can remember.
This ensures that your ideas stay on track without referring to many details in your lives which might bore the audience.
Again, you've to get a style for your speech because the sample you have is in the voice of an ex-mother of the bride. To make yours stand out, please ask yourself ‘What kind of person am I?
‘Am I funny, thoughtful or sentimental.’’
For example, if you are funny, then a humorous presentation will suit you best. It is wrong to copy the speaking style of a famous figure you admire since your speech will not sound authentic. Other styles to choose from are emotional, witty, sarcasm, narrative or a blend of these styles.
After you have got all your facts right, you should start writing your mother of the bride speech. You should commence with an introduction. The opening line should have the following elements: a short self presentation and your relationship to the bride, greetings, and some compliments about the audience.(more on this later as we look at an example and its analysis)
You have to talk about your relationship with your darling daughter and your children when you get to the body of your message:the body is the part the audience enjoys the most. Other things to add are: what your daughter’s behavior and relationship with others.
What her hobbies and achievements in school and life in general are.
Then, you've to asses how her successes in school can positively impact her married life. You should also tell of your impressions of your son-in-law.
What marital advice do you have for the bridal couple and what are your hopes for them as they start life?
The toast is last to be heard.
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without beating your brains out? Go grab
your free eBook by clicking here ''

The speech you give at your daughter's wedding should undergo these changes after you're done with your outline.
First, write your speech . Next, you've to polish(look for coherence and flow of thought) it and proofread it(to correct spelling mistakes). The audience is not an English Class at Yale or Harvard, but incorrect spelling and punctuation may alter the tone of your delivery.
You may also let another person look at it. They can bring fresh perspective to your message.
Earlier, i promised to show you how to write a short speech and am glad to show how to write one. Here at standongovation we believe in walking our talk and revealing such examples is a way to do just that.
Join me if you are ready and let's explore.
Good evening royal ladies and gentlemen.(comment:saying the guests are royal is very pampering;you need to choose words that will flatter your audience.) This is the voice of Martha.Thanks for making the family proud on this special day.This day wouldn't have been the same if you weren't here.It's an absolute honor to have you here with us today.(comment:gratitude should form an integral part of your speech's intro)
When my daughter Mary was born i was overwhelmed with joy. I have had enough boys who gave me headches and i yearn for a pretty girl to be added to the fold:someone i could share girl talk with, someone to shop dresses for, someone whose room i could paint pink
God heard my cry and gave my rose...(sorry)... she looks like the rose flower(pause for laughter if the audience laugh) on a blistering summer day some twenty eight years ago.(comment:see how the intro flows into the body?That's how your thoughts should flow)
You too can write something like this if you spend time to go over this article and start writing afterwards.There's no stopping you.
To write something that will make your daughter and son-in-law proud please get some speech samples.They're a must have if you really want to overcome your nervousness:it will help you find the right words too.


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