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Falling In Love Is Easy — STAYING In Love Is A Choice

Love is  a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
Love is saying I see you, all of you, exactly how you are — and I still choose you.
Falling in love
isn't a choice; it's an irrational chain of events that simply cannot be stopped. It can happen slowly, over time, or quickly in a matter of moments. One glance. One touch. One eight-hour phone conversation. And it's all over.
Falling in love is the easy part — the excitement that comes with learning what makes another person tick, and the equally terrifying counterpart of exposing your soul to somebody else. It's interesting, unique. It never happens the same way twice.
But staying in love is a choice. An active decision-making process that requires work and dedication. It's easy to fall in love with somebody for all their good qualities: they're smart, sexy, funny. These things are easy to love. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Winning Your Husband Love

Can My Husband Love Me Again? - Maybe You Are Discouraging His Love
Can my husband love me again? Do you love him, and does he know it? Perhaps you are unknowingly giving him permission not to love you. Find out what you might be doing wrong and how to win back his love quickly.

Many women are trying to answer the question "can my husband love me again", because marriages often go in the direction of the economy. Instead of leaning on each other in tough times, we look for someone to blame.

Or maybe finances in your house are the problem.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What is Love? Most people do not know what it really means to love someone

 I Love You! We often hear someone say 'I Love you!', but do they really? Most of the time such feelings have very little to do with love, instead it's an emotion called lust.
Our parents usually have true love for us, and many children truly love their parents, although when disciplined, there are times, when both parent and child may feel anger and hurt, but true love is always there, and returns stronger than before after the disciplining is over.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Secret Of Habits Of successful Weight loss

Five Secret Habits of Successful Weight Loss!

In eating, a third of the stomach should be filled with food, a third with drink and the rest left empty.
Hello! May I start this article by sharing with you my most inner secrets. I want to reveal to you that no matter how difficult your weight problem may seem, you can change your life for the better. If I can do it, so can you.

As many know I wasn't always so strong or sure of myself, and much of that insecurity has to do with my weight. I have had a weight problem practically all my life and I always will. But now things are different, and they can do for you, too.

Enough of this lengthy intro, at least for now! OK? Then let’s dive in with the first success habit of thin or slim people.

The Importance of Play in a Child's Life
It’s true that education is like a building block for a child’s future. All parents dream for a better career for their child’s life. Everybody wants their child to be doctor, engineer and wants to see them in high posts. In this cut throat competition children get pressurize with their activities to the extent that they don’t get spare time for their own entertainment. Teachers also keep the child busy during the holidays by giving them assignments and homework. Earlier children used to play with their siblings. So, the children easily got a play environment at the home. However, now the time spent by children in playing was very less as compared to the past two decades. Parents should understand that play is an important activity and they should not deprive their child from this opportunity.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Tips To Build Your Self Confidence

5 Tips to Improve Your Self-Confidence !

How you feel about yourself plays an important role in your ability to live your best life.

With a healthy self-confidence (aka, self-image, self-esteem, self-respect) you’ll take more chances and overcome obstacles — faster. You’ll set your SELF in motion which will set the world around you in motion. You’ll get what you want and each time you do your confidence will soar and the belief you have in yourself will grow stronger. You’ll see life through the eyes of a person who not only BELIEVES they can do it – you WILL do it!

Friday, 21 August 2015

Between Love and Familiarity
 This explains how attraction can happen by comfort made by familiarity. It explains how human's unconscious mind could lead them to a bad decision in terms of relationship. Therefore before making any decision people have to be able to know the difference between real love and familiarity. This article will help people to understand more about the difference.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Actress Chika Ike Hosted By Nigerian Embassy In Abidjan, Cotete d'Ivoire

Actress Chika Ike Hosted By Nigerian Embassy In Abidjan, Cotete  d'Ivoire
Nollywood actress Chika Ike was yesterday August 17,2015 hosted by Nigerian Embassy In Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

  She travelled to
Abidjan as part of her  tour of Africa for her upcoming season of her Reality TV Show, African Divas.She recently travelled to Togo from where she travelled to Abidjan

See More Photos:

16-Years-Old Girl Caught In The Bush Sleeping with 52 Men In Anambra

 A 16-Years-Old Girl Caught In The Bush Sleeping With 52 Men In Anambra
A 16-year-old secondary school dropout, Ifechukwu Atunanya, has been arrested by policemen from the Anambra State Police Command while allegedly having sex with over 52 young men inside a bush in what looked like an initiation ceremony.
According to reports, the suspects were all rounded up in the bush in Awka and are reportedly members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity, during the initiation of new members.

Is Peter Okoye Secretly Dumping His Brothers, Psquare

Is Peter Okoye Secretly Dumping His Brothers, Psquare ?
Peter has just concluded a deal with telecom giant, Globacom, to power his pet project tagged “Dance with Peter” without his twin brother anywhere in the picture. Big deal? It would have really been a big deal if he had not only recently clinched another deal with Olympian Milk, without his brother in the detail again. Maybe, this would have been less disturbing if his brother, Paul, were snapping up deals of his own. He is not. His only life-line, as it appears, is only his tie to the group, which Peter seems to be inadvertently running away from.

How Confident Are You

                           How Confident Are You
There’s a saying that, some women are born winners, it’s not true, some women simply position themselves to win.

So, what separates the woman who wins from the one who doesn’t?

A large part of it comes with self confidence – knowing what you are worth. Some people call it having a high self esteem. Any woman who has it know exactly what I mean.

Below are ways you could turn yourself into confident woman.

                     Ways To A Happy Marriage Life

There Can Be No Love without Forgiveness
One basic truth of life is that there can never be love without forgiveness. Forgiveness is the fertilizer that nourishes love; it’s the lubricant that services love and give it smooth function. And where love is absent, then what will be present is hatred. Hatred leads to jealousy, envy, slander and even murder.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Former President Goodluck Jonathan And His Wife On Vacation In Kenya

 Flexing On Point: Gej On Blazer And Addidas Canvas
Former Presido and his wifey, Patience Jonathan are currently on vacation in Kenya’s Mara Games Reserve.
The couple landed at the Games Reserve facility yesterday with two of their children.
Jonathan was booked for a 3-day tour to witness the wildebeest migration.
He is staying at the new Angama Mara Lodge at the Oloololo conservancy.

Mercy Johnson Pregnancy

Photo: Mercy Johnson Pregnant Again Barely 10 Months After Delivering Second Baby
Extremely talented and hard-working actress, Mercy Johnson welcomed her second child Henry in October 2014, but she is already expecting another baby with her husband Prince Odianosen barely 10 months after.

Her pregnancy became obvious on set of her new blockbuster movie, Eviction Day, produced by renowned filmmaker Vitus Nnebue and directed by Afe Olumowe Pictures Image and also starring Nkem Owoh, Isabella Ayuk, Uche Odoputa, and many others.
           Timaya Shows Off His G-Wagon, Mansion

Timaya shared a photo of himself, Mercedes G-Wagon and his Mansion as he was about leaving home for Bayelsa.

Kylie Jenner 
So Many Porn Offers...
Kylie Jenner is getting flooded with 7-figure offers ... to do porn.
TMZ has learned Vivid Entertainment has already fired off a letter to the freshly-minted adult, offering her a $10 million deal for a video featuring her and Tyga . Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch writes, "Kim's sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you."
Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Stuns In Hilarious Makeup Pictures


Saturday, 15 August 2015

Nigerian Women Turned To Sex-Slaves In Dubai

Esther Nicole Otubo
Sometime in 2014, a young beautiful girl, Ms Precious, completed her university education and the National Youth Service Corps programme in Edo State. Precious, as she identified herself while Unclad in a video, decided to seek better opportunity outside Nigeria. She chose a booming beautiful Arab city, Dubai, as her port of future success. Precious convinced her parents to finance her desire to travel. Her mother had no option than to support her by processing the needed travel documents to her dreamland.
Segun Arinze Mistakenly Sent 50k To Man, The Man Refuses TO Return Cash

Segun Arinze mistakenly paid money into someone's account and the guy has so far refused to return the money. Below is what Segun wrote;

 Drama At Ooni Palace: Wives, Children Barred From Ooni's Burial

The final burial rites of the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II, was performed on Friday, but his wives, children and family members were unable to pay their last respects as they were barred from the programme.
Residents at the entrance of Ile Oodua during the inter-religious farewell service
in honour of the late Ooni of
Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, in Ile-Ife, Osun State… on Friday. Inset: Late Oba Okunade Sijuwade.

The final burial rites of the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II, was performed on Friday, but his wives, children and family members were unable to pay their last respects as they were barred from the programme.
Some other people who had expected to see the body of the monarch lie in state were also disappointed as his remains were neither brought out for people to see nor was any casket displayed during the burial service.
The event was attended by the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, Rear Admiral Akin Aduwo (retd.), Gen. Alani Akinriande (retd.), Senator Babajide Omoworare, Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko and many other dignitaries and government representatives.
Traditional prayers were offered for the late monarch by Tadimole Awo Ilare, Chief Faloba. The event was conducted in less than three hours.
A source at the palace told one of our correspondents that no member of the royal family was allowed to see the remains of the monarch since he was brought back to the palace.
He said, “As we are holding this interdenominational service here, those concerned are performing their own rites inside the palace where the body is kept.
“You can see that the gates of the palace are locked and nobody is allowed to go inside. Nobody can see him again except those who will bury him.
“The wives and children were not even supposed to see his corpse at all but tradition was broken this time around because he (Sijuwade) died in
London. But no family member can see him again. Those performing the rites are there now and they will complete it today (Friday). He will be buried in the middle of the night, but nobody will be there apart from those who will lower him into the grave.”
The source said those who saw the bodies of the previous Oonis were attacked by smallpox and did not survive the ailment.
A monarch in
Osun State, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, disclosed to one of our correspondents that traditional rulers of the town went to various shrines, including the Obalufon shrine in Ife to perform some rites for Sijuwade on Friday.
He said the traditional rulers later went into Ooni’s palace shortly before an interdenominational burial service for the king commenced on the palace premises.
The monarch said, “Nobody can see the Ooni, not even the
US President, Barrack Obama. We are with him. It’s only the initiates who can see him. His wives and children cannot see him.”
During the service, the Preacher, Bishop of Ife Diocese of Anglican Communion, Rt. Rev. Oluranti Odubogun, said despite his riches, Oba Sijuwade died when it was God’s time to take him away.
The bishop, who was represented by the Very Rev. Olusola Akanbi, said the Ooni brought fame and popularity to his domain.
His said the monarch’s demise demonstrated that every mortal man would die no matter their status.
He said, “Baba has gone. He will stand before the King of Kings who will judge what he did while here on earth.

“Some persons have started jostling to succeed him now but we must all remember the judgement day when we will give account of all that we did on earth.

“I urge you to make today a memorable one and give your life to Christ. Jesus is the only way, accept him today.”

But as the interdenominational service was about to take off, there was a mild drama as worshippers of Oro cult in Ife, also called Isoro, stormed the venue and attempted to stop the service. The worshippers claimed that it was a sacrilege to hold an interdenominational service for the departed king. And as the service went on outside the palace, the traditional worshippers sang and danced inside the palace.

Women barred

Also, our correspondents learnt that as part of the palace tradition and custom, women are forbidden from entering the palace while traditional rites are being performed for a passing monarch.

As the interdenominational service was going on, sounds of gunshots suddenly rent the air, making some of those present at the service to scamper for safety.

A reliable source told Saturday PUNCH that more gunshots would be fired later in the day, as from
5.00 pm, adding that curfew to last for seven days would start by 4.00 pm on Friday.

One of the palace chiefs, Sooko Adelugba, told one of our correspondents that many parts of the town had already been deserted by residents who were eager to comply with the curfew as announced by the palace.

One of the initiates told one of our correspondents who had tried to interview him that it was an abomination to speak publicly of traditional rites offered for a departed Ooni.

His final resting place

Meanwhile, fresh facts have emerged as to why the monarch would be buried beside the immediate past Ooni, Oba Adesoji Aderemi.

It was gathered that the cemetery inside the palace, where other Oonis were buried, was full, which informed the decision to build a mausoleum inside the palace for Oba Aderemi.

The mausoleum is said to be located at the rear end of the palace.

A palace source said the final resting place of Sijuwade had been constructed in the mausoleum, adding that the cemetery inside the palace is called Ile Nla (mighty house).

Traditionalists clash with residents

The worshippers of Oro cult in
Ife, also called ‘Isoro’, clashed with residents who were erecting tents for the interdenominational burial service at the frontage of Enuwa Palace.

A prominent chief in
Ife, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the ‘Isoro’ descended on the people who erected the tents because they (initiates) wanted to observe a seven-day burial rites for the departed king.

The chief said, “The ‘Isoro’ saw the Attention of tents for an interdenominational burial service as a sacrilege against custom and tradition.

“They descended on the people erecting the tents and flogged them heavily. They destroyed the tents and swore never to allow anybody do any interdenominational service at the palace.”

The chief revealed that the state government had to wade into the crisis before the service was allowed.

He said, “It took the intervention of officials of the state government, who appealed to the ‘Isoro’ to allow the people to hold the interdenominational service before the issue was resolved. If not for the intervention of the state government, the interdenominational service would not have been allowed.”

Meanwhile, Saturday PUNCH learnt that Sijuwade’s family members flew to see his body immediately after he transited in a highbrow hospital in

Investigation by Saturday PUNCH revealed that Sijuwade’s eldest son, Tokunbo, and some other family members flew to
England immediately the monarch breathed his last to join the king’s three wives, Morisola, Ladun and Odunola – who were already there.

Morisola is the eldest wife, Ladun is the second wife and Odunola, who is the daughter of the immediate past Orangun of Ila, is the youngest wife.

It was learnt that the family members flew down to
England to pay their last respect to the departed monarch.

The Araba of Osogbo land, Chief Yemi Elebuibon, who spoke with one of our correspondents on Friday, disclosed that the corpse of the Ooni belonged to Ile-Ife and not his family.

He said, “The traditional burial rites of the kings of Ile-Ife and Oyo are strictly complied with and they are comprehensive.

“When the Ooni dies, the body becomes that of the town. The ‘Isoro’ cult group will take over. The ‘Isoro’ initiates are the ones who worship the ‘Oro’ deity.

“It is the ‘Isoro’ people that would inform the various deities, who were worshipped and appeased when the Ooni was crowned, that he (the monarch) is no more.

“It’s a rite. Nothing must stop it.”

The Araba dispelled the belief that the heart of the late king would be fed to the next Ooni.

He said, “The eating of the heart of a departed King by an incoming one belonged to the past. It no longer exists. People still make this insinuation because many are barred from witnessing the burial of a king.

“What the incoming king will eat is the heart of an animal and not that of a human. Nobody would be buried with the Ooni. Nobody would be killed for any form of sacrifice.”

Elebuibon explained that animals are now used for the burial rites of Yoruba Obas because of modernisation, noting that Christianity and Islam also stopped the use of humans for sacrifice when God stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac.

Let Sijuwade rest

As the guests who attended the interdenominational service departed, a man in white robe and a white cap appeared at the palace entrance and told some of the people around the gate to leave the vicinity of the palace and allow the monarch to rest.

He said, “The service is over, it is time for you all to start going. Leave the palace and let Sijuwade rest. You are warned to leave.”

Meanwhile, a cleric, Evangelist Toluwase Akeredolu, had disputed insinuations that Sijuwade, as a prominent monarch, was in the cult. Akeredolu had said that Oba Sijuwade died as a born-again Christian.

Akeredolu said this on July 29 after the transition of the monarch was announced by the media.

The cleric, an evangelist with the
Christ Apostolic Church, said the monarch had few weeks before his transition, confessed all his sins to God after he preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to him.

Akeredolu said he was privileged to have ministered to the monarch few weeks before his death.

He said, “Oba Sijuwade told the congregation at the last crusade we organised in Ile-Ife that he had forsaken sins and accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal saviour. He confessed publicly that he would live the rest of his life to serve the Almighty God.

“During the revival, Oba Sijuwade said he had committed the rest of his lifetime to Christ, the saviour of all and had sung the popular song ‘All to Jesus, I surrender.’”

It will be recalled that the late monarch dropped the title of ‘Oluaye’ (owner of the universe) in 2010 in deference to the Almighty God.”

Friday, 14 August 2015

1 A nursery two girl asked her
teacher,"Ma,can my Mum get pregnant?" The
teacher asked,"how old is your mum?" The
girl said,"she is forty yrs old." The teacher
replied,"yes,sh e can." The girl asked
again,"can my sister get pregnant?" The
teacher asked,"how old is your sister?" She
replied,"she is nineteen years old." The
teacher replied,"yes,sh e can." She then finally
asked,"can I get pregnant?" The teacher
replied,"u are just five yrs old,so,u can't get
pregnant." The boy behind him,her
classmate,poked her and said,"I told u,we
have nothing to worry about."
 Fans Blast Upcoming Artist SKIIBII For Faking His Death On IG
,Prior to this afternoon, Rumours went around claiming that fast-rising artiste of 5-star music SKIIBII was found dead in his house this morning, only for the CEO 5-star music KCEE who debunked the rumour through his IG account few minutes ago, only for fans of SKIIBII who went to his IG handle @skiibii to vent their anger, accusing him of publicity stunt..


                Sean Tizzle Is Dating Otedola's Daughter
  Nigerian superstar singer, Sean Tizzle seems to have openly admitted that he's in a relationship with DJ Cuppy.The singer might have made reference to this with his latest post on his Instagram page where he shared a picture of DJ Cuppy supported with love filled caption.
“God bless My Cupcake Ifeoluwa aka cuppy … Like Jay Z n BeyoncĂ© …it’s just Me n My Future Abiamo #MyAbiamoKindaGirl #kisses”, read the caption.
DJ Cuppy has been romantically linked with other pop stars before  like Ice Prince, Olamide, Korede Bello.

                         Rihanna Dumps Karim Benzema for Lewis Halmilton

Last month Rihanna got put on blast by her new boyfriend Karim Benzema's ex-girlfriend who'd branded Rihanna a gloried side chick
Apparently that was the last straw for your girl because Karim is out and Lewis Hamilton is in…
From E! News

The singer has been linked to both Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton and Real Madrid soccer player Karim Benzema, but E! News learns that the romance between RiRi and Lewis is heating up.

                 Rihanna Dumps Karim Benzema For Lewis Hamilton 

Last month Rihanna got put on blast by her new boyfriend Karim Benzema's ex-girlfriend who'd branded Rihanna a gloried side chick
Apparently that was the last straw for your girl because Karim is out and Lewis Hamilton is in…
From E! News
The singer has been linked to both Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton and Real Madrid soccer player Karim Benzema, but E! News learns that the romance between RiRi and Lewis is heating up.

Photo: Nigeria Actor Bruno Iwuoha Hospitalized In The US

This is a press statement. Read below...

You can recall last two weeks Mr. Bruno Iwuoha was calling for medical help. After that the CEO Morgan Entertainment, Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor Jr invited him to the
US and took him to one of the best hospitasl and paid all the bills including hospital bill feeding and medication bill.

When Mr Iwuoha arrived the
US, he was on wheel chair but right now he is very healthy. According to the doctors, Bruno will not be able to work or do certain things for 6-12 months, to give room for proper healing.

Jennifer Hudson Shows Off Her new Hair Cut

Jenny still looks stunning with her new hair cut.

 Wives Of  Late Ooni Of Ife At Burial Ceremony

Late Ooni of Ife first wife,The Ooni's most senior wife The Yeyeluwa OLORI MORISOLA SIJUWADE and three other legal wives attended the burial ceremony today.

        Four 'one chance ' Robbers Nabbed In Abuja


The robbery syndicate is made up of one (1) female and three (3) male persons. The gang specialize in one chance robbery of innocent citizens within the FCT. At about
08:00AM of 10th August, 2015, the gang picked a female victim (name withheld) from UTC Area 10 to Wuse 2 and along the way attempted to rob her of her belong at Central Business Area.
Photo: N59bn Abuja Airport Expressway Becoming A Death Trap 
The 10-lane Abuja Airport Expressway commissioned by former President Goodluck Jonathan at the twilight of his administration on 7, May 2015, is gradually giving way, and becoming a death trap for road users.
Julius Berger was awarded N59 billion in 2009 for the expansion of the road from four to 10 lanes by the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and the Federal Capital Development Agency (FCDA).

Photo: Dignitaries At The Burial Of Ooni Of Ife
 Oba Okunade Sijuwade which held at Enuwa Square, Ooni of Ife's palace today August 14th.Vice President Yemi Osinbajo led other dignitaries to the interdenominational funeral service of the Ooni of Ife.

                               Anambra PDP Sacks Metuh 
The Anambra State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has suspended the party’s National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisah Metuh.

Aregbesola Shuns Ooni's Burial For Lagos Meeting
Osun State Governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola, was on Friday absent at the interdenominational service held for the late Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade.
The governor, who was represented by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Moshood Adeoti, said the governor was unavoidably absent because he was invited to
Lagos for a very urgent meeting.
Mike Godson: I Made Love To My Girlfriend In A Hospital Bed

We all have some ever green moments in our lives, some happy, sad or fun times we can’t forget in a hurry.

For Nollywood’s popular actor, Mike Godson, who has always been romantically linked with Ini Edo, he cant seem to forget the fun memories of making love to his girlfriend right on top of her hospital bed.

In a recent,, asked the
Imo State born actor of 'Seven Books of Moses' fame, the crazyest or naughtyest thing he has ever done.

He said, "I can't forget that in a hurry. It's one of the naught things I have done. I made love to my girlfriend on a hospital bed. It was so crazy. She was sick and really wanted me. So we did a quick one and wasn't caught.

This act alone, actually took me to the next level at a point in my career; when I went for Big Brother Africa, in the time of Karen Igho.

The judges asked me the same question and I told them, they were wowed, that was how I jumped to the next level," he recalled.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Buhari Presented A Locally- Made Electricity Meter

Ambassador Igali presented a locally made electricity meter to President Buhari and Vice president Osinbajo at Aso rock yesterday

David Oyelowo To Play James Bond Character

                  Nigerian Actor Becomes First Black Man To Perform James Bond Character

David Oyelowo will play James Bond. Although his performance will be heard rather than seen – in an audiobook.

The announcement on Thursday follows long-standing rumours that Idris Elba is in line to replace Daniel Craig when the latter’s run playing James Bond on the big screen comes to an end, potentially in two movies’ time.

             Fire Gut Christ Embassy Church In Lagos
An early morning fire has razed a section of the Christ Embassy Church, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos State, destroying property said to be worth millions of naira.

The fire, which reportedly lasted for about two hours on Wednesday, was said to have affected four 40-feet containers, reportedly being used as storage facilities by the church.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Photo: P-Square & J.Martins Look Dapper as They Shoot New Music Video

P-Square and J.Martins will be looking to repeat the success “E No Easy” enjoyed as they linked up for another collaboration.
J.Martins is believed to be the owner of their new joint effort and the video is expected to be directed by Jude Engeez.
Photo:Tiwa Savage And Her Son Hit The Streets Of London

                     She shared the photo and wrote “The sun is out and so are we”

Peter Okoye Steps Out In A Cool Dress With His Customized Cap
              Nigeria Remembers Okwaraji At Cup Games

Nigeria remembers Okwaraji at Cup games
Former Nigerian international, Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji (19 May 196412 August 1989) was a professional footballer who played internationally for Nigeria. He was also a qualified lawyer who had a masters in international law from the University of Rome. He collapsed and died of congestive heart failure in the 77th minute of a World Cup qualification match against Angola at the Lagos National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos State on 12 August 1989, will be remembered by the country's football federation during the Federation Cup games billed to hold this Wednesday.
Photo: OAU Students With Their Own Oro For The Late Ooni
This is disgusting as OAU students decide to perform their own Oro procession for the demise king.
I don't know what these students, are really thinking before taking this action.
David Mark Secretly Begs Dan Onjeh To Withdraw Case From Court
Former Senate President, David Mark is allegedly making moves to persuade his opponent in the last election withdraw the suit against from court.

Mark of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Dan Onjeh of the All Progressives Congress (APC) contested the Benue South Senatorial seat in the March 28 National Assembly election.

Mark was declared winner of the election, which his opponent claimed recorded several irregularities.

Admirable Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor Welcomed A Baby Girl

Actress Ufuoma Ejenobor has welcomed a baby girl. She announced it via Instagram and also shared the photo below which she captioned:

''Back home with our princess. Welcome Kesiena''

Congratulations!!! Happy to hear the news of your bundle of joy.

This is her second baby with her white husband.